April 17, 2008


Apparently I am the now in charge of the lawn at my home. I guess since I only work part-time and I have the luxury of having someone clean my house m(I hate to clean!!), since my son is away at school and since my husband, on a good week works about 65 hours, the lawn maintenance has become my job. Well, most of it - I don't do the edging or the week whacking, but I mow, weed, fertilize, water and plant, so I guess I am the groundskeeper.

I actually prefer doing the outside work to the inside cleaning. I guess since I had to clean bathrooms and dust as a child, I have come to dislike those tasks. I always wanted to mow the lawn like my older brothers and I wasn't allowed to until I was in my late teens - my dad thinks it's a guy thing. But, alas, my father was given a tomboy and not a girly girl for his only daughter. And as I have gotten older, he has accepted it and now that both of my brothers live hours away, he will actually ask me to help him outside at his house.

So tomorrow, I will turn over the one of the raised beds I use for my vegetable garden and plant peas. And enjoy being outside with my hands in dirt!

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