April 28, 2008

New pictures

I decided it was time to change the pictures on my blog. The picture of me wasn't too old - from last summer - but Maxie's picture was about 4 years old and I wanted to change it.

The new picture of Maxie was taken about two and a half months ago right after she had a fresh haircut - I know this because she is wearing a bandanna which the groomer always puts on her and my husband always takes off as soon as he gets home. The piece of grass was her way of trying to get a treat - she has learned that if she brings something from outside into the house, like grass or mulch or a twig - she usually hides under the dining room table and waits for a trade - treat for her trick - kind of a doggy reverse Halloween thing. I often comply as she can get a little snippy if you try to take her "prize" away without an even exchange. The day this was taken, she decided to be brave and not hide with her blade of grass and I was able to capture her mischief on camera.

The picture of Maxie and me was taken at Christmas - before the above mentioned clipping. And no, her eyes are not a sign that she is possessed (although sometimes I think she is possessed by a mischief fairy), she has a cataract in her right eye and the left eye has the old age cloudiness which shows up as a glowing eye in pictures. And she's no spring chicken having turned 14 in February.

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