May 31, 2008


Not the kind that bees live in, the kind you get from an allergy. And I've got them.

Apparently I am allergic to something. My best guess is that the culprit is yet another anitbiotic since I am allergic to several already. The worst part is that it is making the palms of my hand extremely itchy. If you have every had itchy palms, there is just no way you can alleviate it - the skin is just too thick - and of course the itch is so bad.

So now I am on a steroid so I can gain even more weight before my nephew's wedding and an something that is supposed to get rid of the itch. And it isn't working very well.


Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

I'm itching just thinking about it! Hope the new medicine works quick!

amy said...

Ooooh...My dad gets that a couple of times a year, still doesn't know what it's from. I hope you find the origin soon.

Ellen said...

Unfortunately, I can now add another antibiotic to my list of those I am allergic to.