June 04, 2008

10 People, 10 MInutes

Esther tagged me for this meme to list 10 People You'd Like to Spend 10 Minutes With a few weeks ago. But we have been away on vacation and I didn't get to complete it before I headed to the heat of Texas for my nephew's wedding.

Herewith my choices in no particular order:

1- James Patterson - one of my favorite authors
2- Barbara Bush - you've got to love those pearls
3- Dame Judy Dench - what an actress
4- Fr. Daren - what Catholic blog reader wouldn't want to meet him?
5- Martha Stewart (my father-in-law taught her in high school)
6- Pope Benedict XVI
7- Dawn French - one of my favorite British comedienne
8- Jimmy Carter - not my favorite president, but I like the Habitat for Humanity thing
9- Michele that busy mother of 10
10- Esther of course! Next time you head to the mainland Esther, we will ned to have a blogger party!

An eclectic mix of the famous and not so famous, but I would love to meetthem!


Rev. Daren J. Zehnle, J.C.L., K.C.H.S. said...

Those two British actresses are fantastic!

EC Gefroh said...

Interesting about MS. My friend in Hawaii grew up on the same block as she did in Nutley. She was friends with one of her sisters.

Yes, we do. I'm sorry this time out didn't work out either. I can't believe how busy we are with family but I'm not complaining.