June 16, 2008

Wedding bells

I recently returned from Texas where I traveled for my nephew's wedding. It was a good week of visiting with my brothers and their families and my parents too. We spent some time traveling around the greater Austin area and visited the following:

The LBJ presidential library at UT Austin.
The LBJ ranch
The grassy knoll and book depository in Dallas where JFK was shot
The Fort Worth Stockyards
The Alamo in San Antonio
St. Joseph's Church in San Antonio

Of course the trip was not with out incident - my hives reared their ugly head with a vengeance and I wound up on mega doses of steroids to get them under control so I felt like a blimp. I can't wait to get off of them so I can start to feel human again, but this last out break left me with 9 days of itching.

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