September 21, 2008

A very expensive pond

We have a large frog living in our backyard. And almost every evening it helps itself to our hospitality and takes a swim in our pool.

Often I will take the pooch out at night and hear a rather lout "plop" as the frog enters the water. If I turn on the pool light, it swims around the pool trying to hide - not too smart considering it is just a pool. Sometimes it will still be there in the morning, but more often than not, the frog is gone by the time the sun comes up.

We've had frogs in the pool before, but I usually have to fish them out with the net or will have to clean their bodies out of the skimmer (along with rabbits and moles). This is the first time that a frog has visited with any regularity. Of course, when the pool gets closed in two weeks, it will have to find another place to swim.


Mental P Mama said...

So cute...we had ducks in ours this past Spring.

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

At least you find this guy ALIVE in there....Little Brother agrees with the frog that it is an awesome place to swim. So will you make him an actual pond for winter? ;)

abb said...

Neat - I happen to love frogs....not something MPM is so very fond of! ;-)

I just figured out that whole blog-roll thing. Added you (and it's set it up so whomever posts the latest is featured). Glad to have you aboard!

P. S. Nurse Nancy has too too many meetings. I think she is headed around the bend. Help!