October 30, 2008

World Series Champions

Congrats to the Philadelphia Phillies - 2008 World Series Champs!!!

The last time the Phillies won the World Series, it was 1980 and I was a college student at a state college in Pennsylvania (my home state). The campus went wild that night and the celebration was awesome.

This year, my son, a die hard Phillies fan, is in college and they won again. He had a feeling about the Phillies this year - I was in college when they won, he is in college when they are contenders; They won in '80, this year is '08. Okay, he's not superstitious, but he certainly thought the stars were in alignment and that the Phils would win. And they did. I called him after the last out and he was speechless and very emotional. I was glad they won, glad that he could experience the thrill of having the home team be the champs. And tonight, he will travel home and tomorrow he will join up with some of his high school friends and head to Philly to see the victory parade - something I didn't do in 1980.


Mental P Mama said...

Fun times! Congrats!

abb said...

So wonderful to meet you this afternoon!

Lunch it will be for the four of us (MPM and Nurse Nancy the other two)

As far as baseball goes, HOW 'BOUT THOSE WHITE SOX???