November 05, 2008

It's over

Finally, television and radio without political advertisements. I'm glad it's over.

And how do I feel about the outcome? Disappointed. Yes, I am a conservative Republican who supported John McCain. I don't fault President Bush for the state of the US. In my opinion, the cause of the economic problems in the US are not because of one person alone, but rather had many factors. We have had a Democratically controlled Congress. Surely they should bear some blame for the legislation that was passed. Banks and other lending institutions for allowing people to borrow much more than they could afford. The American public for having eyes bigger than our wallets. The blame must be spread around for no one person is responsible for the entire financial state of the US.

And as for the wars we are involved in, certainly after the events of 9/11, we would all want Bin Laden brought to justice. And as for Iraq, we entered that based on the information that was available at the time.

So I will close by saying that regardless of who had won the election, the job is one that I wouldn't want if it paid millions of dollars. It is an awesome responsibility that very few would want. So I will continue to pray for the country and for our leaders that they will make the best decisions that they can.


Mental P Mama said...

They will need everyone's prayers. As do our troops who continue to serve us all.

abb said...

I echo MPM's comment. Whatever, our country needs all of our prayers, good wishes and support. May Obama make all of us say in four years: "Wow! What a great thing he was for our country!"
By the way, had McCain won, I would also hope he made us say that about him! He was so very gracious - it really does make me feel we're moving in a new direction.