November 09, 2008

The West Wing Revisited

The recent presidential election made me resurrect my DVD collection of "The West Wing." For the record, when the show first premiered, I wasn't the least bit interested in watching it. I don't remember why, perhaps it was on at the same time of a show that I was already hooked on, but suffice it to say, it just didn't appeal to me.

Then about half way through the second season, I watched an episode and I was hooked. Fortunatley, over that next summer, not only were the second season episodes re-run, but the first season as well. This of course prompted the purchase of the DVD collection for each of the seven seasons it was on. And this year I was glad that I had the collection.

So a few weeks ago, with a basket full of ironing to do, I decided to start watching the show from the beginning. And what a treat it has been. I forgot how witty and sharp the writing was and how interesting the characters were. It made me realize how much I miss the wonderful actor John Spencer who passed away before the final season. And how Kathryn Joosten played the motherly Mrs. Landingham, personal secretary to the president is now the neighborhood snoop Karen Mc Cluskey. But my favorite has always been Martin Sheen's portrayal of President Josiah Bartlet. What a wonderful actor.

So I will continue to enjoy the show as I iron, cook, blog and what ever else I can do within earshot of the TV.


Mental P Mama said...

What a great idea! I'll send you my ironing so you can keep watching. K?

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

I was hooked on that show too, from about the second season or so. But I would tape it, because my husband couldn't stand to have it on! He would talk back to the TV and get all kinds of upset. Now if they were all Republicans, he'd have been a happy guy (I did love the Ainsley Haines character!)

But it was one of the VERY few SMART programs on TV. No buffoons allowed. People were smart & their smarts gave them an edge. And it was neat to see the "behind the scenes" of government business.

Ellen said...

Mental P - thanks for thinking of me, but no thanks.

Barb - Any time you want to borrow my DVD's, let me know.