February 09, 2009

Happy Birthday Maxie

Today is my pup Maxie's 15th birthday. I can't believe that she is 15. It seems like only yesterday that we picked her up, a tiny 7 and a half week old puppy that we brought home in a copier paper box.

She's an important member of our family - she protects us from rabbits and birds, barks at friends and foes, cleans the floor at meal time, but most importantly, she keeps me company when everyone else is away.

Love you, my sweet little girl.


EC Gefroh said...

Happy Birthday!! Ellen, could I post this on my Pet Prayer blog?

Ellen said...

Esther you are most welcome to post Maxie on your pet prayer blog. Thanks for the good wishes for her - she's such a good buddy.

Dad V said...

Happy Birthday Maxie! I thought the other day when I was over you said in your barking, "HEY! Do you know how old I am!! Get over here and pet me!" or something like that. My barking translation is a litle RUFF!


I stumblet over your blog - and discovered you have the same type of dog that I have! Is she really 15?? Amazing! She looks much younger - but that is how it should be for those girls!

Mine is soon 10! And I love him just the way I can see you love your Maxie!

Best wishes and greetings from Norway - and a little "voff" from my little Asterix. He adores her! :)