February 06, 2009

More new blogger friends

Me, Nurse Nancy, Annie, Mental Mama, Lucia and Jules

Last weekend we went to see our friends Nurse Nancy, Fly Boy and their son Junior Birdman. We always enjoy our time together and in spite of the fact that my husband had a stomach virus, this trip was no exception. On Sunday, NN and Annie had arranged a lunch so we could meet some other blogger friends, Mental Mama and Jules and a non blogging friend Lucia. What a lunch it was! Nurse Nancy will have blog as a result of this get together.

This was one fun gathering. We talked like old friends and laughed (and laughed and laughed). We discussed our families, new job opportunities, blog friends,

rental bowling shoes (inspired by the TV where we were sitting),

skiing and a host of other topics. Plans are being made to attend the VA Blogfest. And at the end of the afternoon, we decided that we must do this again (and again and again!).


Mental P Mama said...

Notice all the empty Sunday Special glasses on the table....It was a wonderful afternoon! Virginia, here we come!

Country Girl said...

Fun! Was thinking of you.

abb said...

As I recall, those Sunday Special glasses didn't stay empty for long! I'm just sayin'...

Just the best afternoon ever!