March 11, 2009

It's so true

Mental Pause Mama (MPM) over at The Mental Pause Chronicles has two good posts on "Bloggy Love" about our on line friendships - one today and one yesterday. What is really neat is that I have had the opportunity to meet several of my blogging girlfriends, including MPM, and they are really great ladies.

I think our blog friendships are really special relationships. We often open our heads and hearts to strangers who, in turn, most often respond with kind comments and "atta girls". And for the most part, they don't judge - at least not in writing.

I actually don't remember how I discovered blogging, but I'm glad I did. It's a wonderful outlet and a way to share a bit of yourself with the world.


Unknown said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I am loving her posts and may have to steal the idea for a weekly blogger feature. Favorite Blogger Friday, maybe?

Mental P Mama said...

Aren't you sweet? You will be featured in the bloggrs I know post!

abb said...

I can't really remember how I discovered this, either. But I'm so very glad I did. Amazing isn't it what a wide world has opened up!

Country Girl said...

I discovered blogging about 2 years ago when I loaded a "stumble upon" toolbar. I entered my interests, photography and whatnot and then you press the stumble upon button. And one day, up came Pioneer Woman. I was entranced. And I began reading her and going back through all her old posts. Back then, not many people had heard of her and I thought maybe I would want to do this one day. And well, that's how I discovered blogging.
Mental P was one of the first commenters to visit me. I had no idea she had a blog because I was clueless, so I never visited anyone. Yet they kept coming back and leaving comments!
Oh, by the way, I don't have your e-mail address so I couldn't respond to your query about maybe doing Winterthur. Sure, I would but we may be taking the entire week and going to visit our friends down on the Gulf Coast. So I'm playing it by ear. I had also wanted to see Daryl, MP and Annie and meet in the city somewhere. Wouldn't that be fun?
We may have to just make a long weekend of it!