May 27, 2009

Hog Photos

Recently I was involved in a "groundhog relocation" effort.  While cleaning out the camera, I found some photos that my husband took of the hogs.

Apparently a burning bush is a tasty snack.  Isn't this little one too cute for words?  Until I look at the damage that it has done to the shrub.

Mama groundhog as taken through the screening on the porch.  Notice the missing fur from her back.  She needs some Rogaine.  Or the Hair Club.
Here are the three young 'ens that were born in the maternity ward under our porch.  

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into our groundhog adventure.  I'm hoping it is over.  Now if I can only catch the rabbits and relocate them, I'll be able to enjoy the landscaping.


Mental P Mama said...

I'm gonna start calling you Dr. Doolittle.

Nurse Nancy said...

They are so cute....too bad they are destructive too. Nice that you supplied such ample dining opportunities!

abb said...

Those are just adorable babies! Destructive...and adorable!