May 23, 2009

Post groundhog photos

Here are a few photos from my groundhog adventure:

Here's the hole chewed in the lattice under the porch -I like to call it the portal of the damned.

Per instructions that I read on-line, you make a path with rocks or logs from the groundhog hole to the cage.  This provides a direct path from their home to the river.

It took two different size cages to capture the "hogs" - the large one for the adults and the small one for the babies.

My next victim   conquest is this and all other rabbits just like it hanging in the yard.  I am the "verminator!"


Unknown said...

and you'll be BACK...hehe

At least the ground hogs know what a circle is.

Smart little buggers!

Mental P Mama said...

Please! Leave the rabbits alone! They have their babies in the yard, and they wait for their mommies to come back at sundown. Please wait!!!! I'll come make them some salads to et! I promise;)

Ellen said...

I think we're okay there - saw babies running around about a month and a half ago so I think they are gone.

abb said...

Darn critters!

Our community garden is surrounded by a 10 foot high fence. at the bottom it's x4 inch squares, as the fence moves up, the wires become 4x4 inches. And the bottom 3 feet are also surrounded by chicken wire. Hopefully that'll deter the critters.