May 20, 2009

Sorry no photos

I'm not much of a picture taker.  I don't know why.  I am always jealous of all of you that post photos every day and I vow daily to take pictures to add to my post.  But I don't.  Most of the time it's because my husband has squirreled the camera away in his office.  And it's way to scary in there for me to go looking for a camera.  You see, my tetanus shot is not up to date!

So you won't see any photos of my baby groundhogs.  Sorry.  I was anxious to free them from captivity so I didn't pause to take pictures.  But I will tell you that they have the most precious faces - deep brown eyes, little brown noses and they make the cutest little clicking noise that I was able to imitate.  Call me the groundhog whisperer.  So we had a little talk as I loaded the cages in the car.  I reassured them that they weren't going to die and that I was going to take them to their parents and the first of their siblings who had been released a little earlier.  I think they understood.


Mental P Mama said...

I think I can just picture them in my tiny brain. Now please keep up the clicking sound, as I expect you to make it for me when we meet again;)

Nurse Nancy said...

I hope the saga has come to an end and you will be groundhog free for the rest of the summer. And now you have a new talent to fall back on....think you should Google how much a groundhog whisperer makes in a year.

abb said... new career perhaps? I wonder if it pays well.

Country Girl said...

This made me laugh, imagining you doing the groundhog clicking dance.