July 06, 2009

What a weekend!

Had our bestest friends Nurse Nancy, Fly Boy and Junior Bird Man here this past weekend. What a blast. I'll start with Friday.

Nurse Nancy and I traveled to St. Martin a few years ago for a girls weekend. While there, we took a bus from the French side of the island to the Dutch side - Sint Maarten to the town of Phillipsburg. On our trip, which included jewelry shopping and souvenir shopping, we popped into the Guavaberry Store. Guavaberry liqueur is the island's specialty. While browsing around, the store salesperson offered to make us Guavaberry Coladas to sample. Of course we felt obligated to taste then as to not offend the lovely woman who was kind enough to make them. We were offered a small cup to sample. They were delicious. Had there not been other people in the store, I might have begged asked for another sample.

After making our purchases, Guavaberry Liqueur included, we started our trip back to the jewelry store to pick up our purchases and meet the bus back to our resort. About 100 yards from the store, we simultaneously looked at each other and began laughing as the drink hit us at the same time. And knocked us on our butts. I have never in my life been hit by a single drink so fast.

Back to the weekend. So, five years later, both our bottles of this sweet goodness remained unopened. Until Friday. I made two pitchers of Guavaberry Coladas. Nurse Nancy and I drank all but one glass which Fly Boy sampled. Shortly after our first few sips, our feet became numb. And we started laughing. And didn't stop for a long time.

Needless to say, dinner was not served until after 8:30.

More stories to follow.


Nurse Nancy said...

Oops, I left that out of my story....the numb feet were worth every sip and the calories that came with them. One additional observation, no hang over the next day. Maybe guavaberries are a amgic hangover elixir? Or maybe we did not drink enough of them!

Unknown said...

I wish I had been there to see you two blasted on your butts!!!

That must have been halarious!

abb said...

That sounds like all kinds of fun! Glad you two let FB in on a little of that fun!

Sue said...

I probably would have gotten drunk just smelling this stuff...I have never had a drink of anything in my 59 years.....really....

Country Girl said...

Sounds fun! And no hang over is even better.