September 23, 2009

Glacier Bay and College Fjord

Our last two days on the ship were spent sailing through Glacier Bay and the College Fjords. It was quite relaxing to hang out on the ship and watch the beautiful scenery. The ship would stop to allow time for photographs and perhaps to watch a piece of the glacier fall into the water.

Here's my mom bundled and enjoying the scenery. We sat on the pool deck with the retractable roof and it was open just enough to keep the windows from fogging, so it was quite cool.
Glacier Bay. I'll let these photo's speak for themselves.

Glacial water run off creates some of the prettiest waterfalls.

College Fjords. This was our view for dinner our last night on the ship.

Coming soon, pictures from the ship and our land trip.


Jo Whitehurst said...

The Hubs and I have often said that we want our next cruise to be to Alaska. Now that I am taking your photo tour, I am hoping that we decide to go very, soon!! Thanks for the tour, and I look forward to seeing more!

Nurse Nancy said...

This is a great way to cool down a hot flash...just looking at the photos makes me feel cool inside.

Just beautiful!

abb said...

Isn't it the most incredible thing to see? Loved watching the glacier "calve". Your photos bring back the best memories for me.

Sue said...

Love Nurse Nancy's hot flash comment....I know how she feels...Your parents are so cute..They really looked like that had a wonderful time...
The pictures of the glaciers are really neat..