September 22, 2009

Skagway and Haines

Our third stop was in Skagway, a rather small town that's about 4 blocks wide by 20 blocks long. But it was yet another quaint port town with Gold Rush style homes and tons of souvenir shops.

Here's the view from the ship (do you see a theme here?).

John and I ventured into town early, before our excursion. We were immediately welcomed by the railroad station and this snow plow engine.

One thing you can do in Skagway is take a tour in an antique car. How could I not snap a pic of my favorite guy in front of this 1946 Cadillac.

While waiting for our excursion to Haines, we were entertained by this harbor seal, who promptly caught and devoured a salmon!

Our trip to Haines began with a boat ride across the bay. In Haines, we traveled up a mountain in a 4 x4 Kawasaki Mule. Here are my parents bundled up for the cold and wet trip. This was the only rainy weather we had until the day we left Alaska.

Views from the mountain were spectacular.

On the way up the mountain, we stopped at this lodge for fresh baked cookies and hot drinks. My parents stayed behind for the second part of the trip and were warm and dry in the lodge.

My mom was the first to spot this mama bear and her two cubs.
On our way down the mountain, we stopped again at the lodge for a wonderful meal of beer battered halibut, chicken, fruit salad and the cook's special slaw. It was one incredible trip - another that I would recommend if you were to go to Alaska.

As we departed Haines for Skagway and our ship, we were greeted in the harbor by this beautiful Bald Eagle.

Another excellent day in Alaska.


Mental P Mama said...

Alaska is moving up on my bucket list! How's your mom doing?

Nurse Nancy said...

So cool.....

abb said...

Didn't go to Skagway - sounds like we missed a wonderful side trip.