September 22, 2009

What do "Juneau?"

The second stop on our cruise was Juneau. Here's a view of the town from our ship.

At the top of the Robert's Tramway, just a block from the cruise ship docks, we saw this little lady. She had been shot and lost the vision in her left eye.

The hub, my dad and I took a little hike up the mountain. The walk down was a little easier!

Here's the view from the tram car. Our ship is the smaller one on the right.

Later that day we took a helicopter ride over the Taku glacier. Our pilot gave us a great tour of the area. And yes, the glaciers are that blue!

When we landed, my mom was going to wait inside the helicopter.

She decided that at 80, she wasn't likely to get back to Alaska, so she climbed out and here we are, standing on the Taku glacier.

Love this photo. I think my husband was jealous that he didn't get the front seat.

Here's a glacial river. It looked like a slide in a water park.

Our second stop was on a ridge overlooking the glacier. The temp was about 20 degrees warmer here. That's our pilot on the right.
This is one side trip that I would recommend. There was just something magical about actually walking on a glacier.


Nurse Nancy said...

I think your husband missed JBM's commentary!

abb said...

About the only thing we didn't do. And you're right, Alaska should be on everyone's bucket list. One of the very best vacations I've ever been on.

Sue said...

Hi Ellen....your trip looked amazing and good for your Mom and Dad...they must have had a ball...Hope Mom's surgery went well and that she will have a full recovery this time....Sue.

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing the pictures and commentary. I think that's a trip I'd love to take, one day when I get to take a kid-free vacation.