December 31, 2009

Good bye 2009

Only five and a half hours left to 2009. Time to say good bye to the year in which the high was our trip to Alaska and the low, the loss of our pup Maxie. But I am looking forward to 2010 and good health and happiness for all of my family and friends.

Tonight, I'll travel all the way across the street and two doors down to ring in the new year with some my husband and some neighbors and acquaintances old and new. At midnight, I'll plant a big one on my husband. And most likely, I'll be home and in bed by 1 - I'm just not a party animal any more.

Tomorrow we'll head to PA to celebrate the New Year with my parents and we'll have our traditional pork and sauerkraut dinner - pork because pigs root forward for food and that's supposed to bring you good luck in the new year.

So Happy New Year! Here's hoping all your dreams come true in 2010!


Mental P Mama said...

Happy New Year my friend!

Nurse Nancy said...

Hope you had a nice evening. We stayed up until midnight watching a House Hunters marathon on HGTV, kissed at midnight and went to bed. We drove home on Friday..had a nice time. Talk soon!

Sue said...

Happy New Year and sorry our lunch had to be cancelled...with the cost of a night or day out on the town in NYC you have to recoup your loss' anyway you can....I hope you have a wonderful 2010 and thanks for stopping by and commenting on Miss B's calendar....daughter always appreciates everyone's kind remarks....Sue.