January 15, 2010

Day one

Day one of trying to clean out unneeded and unused stuff in my house.

So I thought I'd straighten up my son's room so that maybe sometime this century I might just be able to see enough floor to vacuum. He did do a bit of cleaning up during vacation, but not quite enough. So I tackled two cardboard boxes that have been there since last May when he came home from school. While I didn't find much that I could throw out, I did come across a child's watch.

Now a few months ago, on one of our trips to see our friends in CT, We learned that Nurse Nancy and Fly Boy's son Junior Bird Man could not find his watch - the one that Big J (my husband) had purchased for him. He had searched high and low and still it could not be found. Eventually he got a replacement, but he mystery of the lost watch was not solved. Guess who's watch I found today. Yep, it was Junior Bird Man's. I'm guessing that on one of his visits, when my son Spawn was at college and Junior Bird Man stayed in "Cool J's" room, he took the watch off and it fell into the box.

The watch is now awaiting it's return to it's owner. My son's room is still not clean. And I didn't fill one trash bag today. But the Christmas trees finally got taken down.


bly guy said...

But you started! That's what counts.

abb said...

ME again!