January 16, 2010

Day two

We started cleaning out the basement today. Out went a treadmill that we've had for about 18 years. It was moved from our last house to the one we are in now. I think it's been used once since then. So off it went to the dump - Goodwill wouldn't take it. Along with it went two artificial pine trees and a huge box of about 100 VHS tapes. In addition, the rest of the Christmas decorations were put away and that area of the basement organized and two black trash bags began to be filled for disposal. Tomorrow we'll do a bit more.

Oh, and the three coolers that we used when I had to empty the freezer in the basement (it was left open a bit and had to be emptied, thawed, re-chilled and refilled) weren't emptied as I had asked a certain husband to do. Needless to say, one was filled with mold and the other two were not moldy, but pretty nasty smelling. So they got cleaned, disinfected, air dried and will be put away. Now that was one fun job.


bly guy said...

Took us 4 days to do our basement. And I'm proud to say one year later it still looks pretty darn good!

Mental P Mama said...


abb said...

Darn it! Bly guy is me, annie, not realizing my son's already signed in. So that above comment is me!

My WV is adiated - kinda appropriate, kinda what I am. Whatever that means.