March 10, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

I am beginning to see a pattern here - posting only on Thursday. No reason, other than there hasn't been much to post about. But here's the drivel on my mind today:
  • The storms that are giving us all this rain are free to move off the coast. We've had enough. I need to put down spring fertilizer and I can't until the rain is finished.
  • My chin is all irritated from plucking chin hairs. Why can't I just leave them alone?
  • We recently purchased BPA free water bottles for our upcoming vacation. We'll be spending some time in Mexico and I'm not taking any chances with water. We've been using them daily and my water consumption had increase considerably. So have my trip to the bathroom. But it's good.
  • I really need to make my Whiskey cake for St. Patrick's Day. Maybe tomorrow or Saturday.
  • Didn't get to the Flower Show today, but I'm hoping to go tomorrow. Maybe I won't have to go by ark.
Happy Thursday.

1 comment:

The Single Nester said...

This rain is crazy girl! Thank you for your thoughts about my brother.