March 11, 2011

Word Verificationism, part 4

Some more interesting verification words and my definitions:

remess - to mess again!

menat - redneck for where to find men - "where is the menat?"

tryxw - a new math term.

splammy - what you call it when you are hit by a piece of flying spam.

tatedue - when you must pay a bill - "tatedue until next week"

musedous - entertaining. "Watching Larry the Cable Guy musedous alot."

spastsm - simultaneously having a spat and a spasm caused by an increase in blood pressure.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Nurse Nancy said...

Great interpretations!

abb said...

Very good! Love the interpretations, too!

Laura~peach~ said...

my word is rolypolo

The Single Nester said...

You are too funny! Sometimes I find the word verification matches my mood. Weird!